May : Boy’s Day (May 5)
May 5 is traditionally “Boy’s Day”, but now “Children’s Day’
We prepare special sweets “kashiwamochi” and hang a scroll “Shoki”

Spring!!!! Cherry blossoms viewing tea ceremony

We all gathered and enjoyed tea ceremony under cherry blossoms.
It was a bit chilly, but nice to have a hearty hot tea in viewing beautiful nature.

2015 Rikyuki 利休忌

On 3/26, we held Rikyuki. Aya-san created wonderful “oboromanju 朧饅頭.
No nanohana 菜の花 available, daffodils from my garden were presented.

2015 Hinamatsuri  雛祭り

We enjoyed tea with Girl’s Day special sweets “sakuramochi 桜餅”.
After great lunch box of “chirashi served, we played Japanese traditional card game, “hyakunin isshu 百人一首”

2015 Jan. trip to Japan

On Jan. 14, we attended the Omotesenke Iemoto Hatsugama, at “Fushinan”,in Kyoto.
We were honored to enjoy thick tea (濃茶) prepared by Iemoto, following thin tea (薄茶)
Tenshin lunch was beautifu & tasty. Great Day.
Next day, we visited Zuihoin temple (瑞峰院), Daitokuji (大徳寺)
Izu trip was wonderful: Odawara castle, Atami MOA museum, hiking along shore with a touch of SPRING.
The light snow in Tokyo was the end of my trip.

2015 Heineken shachu Hatsugama (ハイネケン社中初釜)

January 3, 2015
We all gathered to celebrate 2015 New Year Day, and enjoyed the first tea of 2015.
For tokonoma (床の間)、My family scroll (寿老人)and Musubiyanagi (結び柳)with red tsubaki (椿)
Thick tea & thin tea served with fresh “Hanabiramochi” (花びら餅) & eto higashi (干支干菓子)
Great start of the year of SHEEP 2015 TEA.

2014 Christmas Holiday

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Baby Shower for Peipei

Oct. trip to Japan: Ise and Ueda

On Oct. 9-10, I participated Omotesenke Mie-Pref. tea gathering.
At Ise Shrine, Iemoto Jimyosai offered tea at Ise Shrine.
Oct.15-17, I visited Ueda-shi (Nagano Pref.) for the reunion with my previous tea students and exploring the historical small town, filled with the beauty of nature.