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2017 Hatsugama 初釜


2017 first tea ceremony was held on January 7, at Seian 清庵.
We all enjoyed Thick tea, Thin tea, and special NEW YEAR lunch with sake.
Ju Rojin scroll (寿老人), willow branches with red camellia at the alcove.
By the time to go home, we got 2″ snow.
What a hard work to clear snow on top of a car in KIMONO.
Great Day, great start of 2017 tea.

Japan trip: Matsumoto

Matsumoto (Nagano Pref.) has the original castle built on 1504 (National Treasure).
Local soba noodle is very tasty.

My Japan trip 10/11-24, 2015

Tokyo 10/12 — Fun to be a tourist in my hometown Tokyo.

Oct.5 Omotesenke tea gathering at Shofuso 松風荘

Annual Omotesenke open public fall tea gathering on Oct.5 at Shofuso (Japanese House and Garden), Fairmont Park, Philadelphia.
Very cold day, but a bowl of hot mattcha tea made everyone happy.
Autumn flowers, ideal for tea room, from Heineken garden.

August 28 Morning tea matter 朝茶

We enjoyed morning tea matter :starting early in the morning and finishing before getting hot. Nice way to enjoy tea in hot summer.

2015 Annual summer camping

8/18-8/23, H, P & I explored the nature of Calif.: Sequoia National Park & Yosemite National Park.


I am so proud of my white mukuge in my garden!!!!

2015 Omotesenke workshop at New York Athletic Club

We had annual Omotesenke workshop in New York, 6/11-13 at New York Athletic Club.
by Watanabe sosho and Kori koshi from Kyoto headquarter.
Subjects :
教授者:教本「炉」 実技 炭所望、薄茶

May 24 Farewell chaji

Two ladies of Heineken shachu leave Princeton to Japan(Aya-san), and California(Azusa-san). We had wonderful time together through TEA, and understand “ichigo ichie”.
We look forward to getting together again somewhere, sometime.

May 22 Shofuso open public tea gathering 松風荘茶会

Omotesenke annual spring tea ceremony was held on 5/22 at Shofuso Japanese House & Garden in Fairmont Park, Philadelphia.
We had a beautiful day and a lot of visitors enjoyed tea ceremony in a traditional Japanese setting.